Our Process

When you hire Ki Woodworks, you’ll know that every detail of your project will be considered before we build. 

First, we will develop shop drawing that rival those of veteran architects and engineers.  We have thoughtful, thorough communication to ensure that your designs come together in a way that will meet your desires for aesthetics and functionality.  

Our careful preparation is time well spent. There simply will be no surprises. We take care to ask the right questions all along the way, so when the project is done, our work is the best possible embodiment of your design.  Furthermore, our commitment to careful selection of materials and solid construction contribute to woodwork that will last a lifetime.

Second, once our drawings are complete and approved, we move quickly into construction. Owner Mark Aramaki is involved at every step, from selecting materials to assembly to final detailing.  And pride and utmost care is taken every step of the way.  Our belief in “no surprises” means that if you look at the posterior side of cabinets or under drawers, you’ll still recognize the careful work of skilled craftspeople.

Lastly, we carry that attention through to installation, a critical part of any job. All exposed surfaces are carefully scribed to walls, floors, and ceilings. We keep a clean job site and take care never to damage other surfaces. When our installations are complete, it’s hard to imagine that the cabinetry was not simply built right in place, every door fitting precisely, every edge just as it should be.

We’d be delighted to bring our exemplary service to your project. Contact us now to get started!

Ready to start a project?  Here's what we recommend you have ready:

  • Design drawings if you have them. We'll produce impeccable shop drawings from those.
  • Rough dimensions. We'll do careful measurements for our shop drawings, but rough dimensions help us get a sense of a project's scale.
  • If we're helping you with design:
  • Take some photos of the project area. 
  • Photos or links to photos of furniture or cabinetry that you like, so we can get a sense of the style, wood species, and finishes that will be right for you.

We do all our design, engineering & layout in a 3D modeling program called Topsolid by Missler.

We produce exacting shop drawings that represent deep thinking through every detail of a project before we start milling lumber.